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*** Parts of this post were pulled from last year’s “Beach Ball Party week” in August 2012

The perfect activities for the Beach Ball Party of course involve getting wet:

And the perfect favors for the Beach Ball Party of course assist in getting wet:

So all we are really doing in today’s post is telling you some cool ways to get wet and or assist in getting wet.  Pretty simple folks.

1.  beach ball sprinkler image, 2. beach ball pool image, 3. slip and slide image

Get out the sprinklerkiddie poolslip ‘n slide and anything else that houses water and make your back yard a water park!  You can pile the kiddie pool with beach balls which will add to the “awe” appeal when your guests step into your water wonderland:

In addition these water balloon ”pinatas” and water balloon races are fun activities for all!

1-3. water balloon races 4. water balloon ”pinatas

During Flip Flop Pool Party Week we talked about using sand buckets as your favor bags and we’re suggesting you do that again for the beach ball party favors.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!  Fill your bucket with goldfish crackersgoggleswater gunspool sticks, and swedish fish.

1. bucket, 2. water guns, 3. goggles, 4. goldfish crackers, 5. pool sticks, 6. swedish fish.

Bada-bing bada-boom ya know what Im saying!?  Those kids will be soaked and thrilled about it and you know your bday boy or girl is gonna have a blast.

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Credit where credit is due:
beach ball sprinklerkid image 1kid image 2


*** Parts of this post were pulled from last year’s “Beach Ball Party Week” in August 2012

Have we mentioned that the beach ball party is one of our top sellers during the summer?  If you’ve been following along all week, I’m pretty sure we’ve mentioned it every day so far!  This beach ball party in basic primary colors might take the cake for our most popular beach ball theme to date:

Whether you’re going with primary or pastel, we think this food spread featured last year on our blog is perfect for a party that’s sure to get wet:

All that splishing and splashing at the beach ball party is bound to wear out even the toughest tike.  Let’s heat up the grill and get this food menu going!

We envision a delightful burger bar complete with all the fixin’s.  A safe bet with something like this is WHITE (as shown in the photo).  White plates, white bowls, white serving dishes etc. make the table feel cohesive to the naked eye, but meanwhile, for all we know this could be a mash up of tableware.  Keeping it white is safe, clean and allows the food to shine.

1. burger dinner image, 2. corn on the cob, 3. burger image

And how about some fruit, veggies, sand buckets filled with crackers/chips and a couple of sweets on the side?

1. fruit 2. candy slice image, 3. beach ball cake pops, 4. hunting for the source here, please let us know in the comments if you know who it belongs to!

For drinks we spotted these beach ball water bottles and fell in love!  How awesome would it be to have a few pitchers of drinks to choose from and kiddos can keep there water bottles filled to the brim all afternoon long?  In addition these scuba sprites are pretty darn darling:

1. water bottles, 2. pitchers, 3. sprite image

Get your burger buns back here tomorrow when we’ll be discussing favors, decor and activities for the Beach Ball Party and be sure to leave a comment on this here post in order to be entered into our giveaway.  What are we giving away you ask?  A free digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop we answer!



Believe it or not the sun has actually been shining in rainy old Seattle for about 2 weeks now and it’s been so much fun investigating all the little add ons that go into making the Flip Flop Pool Party come to life at a time when having said party would actually be an option in our normally dreary city!  Be sure to check out our Flip Flop Pool Party Pin Board for links to absolutely everything and more that we discussed this week.

And as for the giveaway winner of a dozen pool party cupcake toppers, we’ll be drawing the lucky name today at 5pm pst so it’s not too late to get one last entry.  All you have to do is leave a comment!  the winner is Tonya Rush!  Tonya we’ll drop you a line and grab your mailing address details in order to get those toppers sent your way.  CONGRATS!

Where To Find It:

  • Food: Use a sand bucket and shovel as a serving dish!  We love fishy crackers for this beachy theme.  Or how about these charming watermelon slice popsicles?
  • Drink:  Loving these scuba sprites or iced buckets filled with water bottles wrapped in our custom wrappers.
  • Activity: Sand Art in mason jars or a personalized beach towel will keep the kiddos busy busy.
  • Sweets: How cute are the tiny Nutter Butter Flip Flops?
  • Cake: What better way to blow out your candles than to plunk em into a flip flop cake?
  • Favors: We are loving how D and G Stories glammed up her girly flip flops with bows and buttons – DARLING!
  • Decor: Of course invites, bunting, party hats, cupcake toppers and more can be found over at the Party On Purpose Etsy shop, we hope you’ll check it out!
Pink Lemonade

As we mentioned earlier this week, our “Real Party” example had the awesome idea of using sand buckets and shovels for their food display.  We love this idea mostly because kids will be more likely to use those shovels rather than stick their sopping wet paws into bowls full of goldfish.

Click on each image below for some additional food and drink options that work with the Flip Flop Pool Party including a variety of fingerfoods (again for those soggy paws):

These charming watermelon popsicles:

Flip Flop Nutter Butter cookies:

(Melissa over at “A Little Lovliness” says “To make flip-flops, pipe a V of icing onto bare Nutter Butters and finish them with sprinkles if desired.”)

and colorful twizzlers that double as pool noodles:

For the drinks, consider converting your kiddie pool into your cooler!  Just fill this puppy with ice and all the juice, soda, or anything else you need to keep cool:

Again we love the dual purpose of the pool – maybe it starts out as a cooler and you end the day soaking in a nice ice bath?  The possibilities are endless.

Lastly, Pink Lemonade is a perfect match for this pink infested party.  Delicious, easy, refreshing and matches the theme seamlessly.  Achieve this vintage look via washed out frappucino bottles and paper straws.

EAT DRINK AND BE MERRY FOLKS!  Check back in with us tomorrow for some favor and activity tips for the Flip Flop Pool Party and don’t forget each comment you leave (1 per day) is an additional entry into our giveaway for 12 cupcake toppers this Friday.  Cheers!



flipflop party activity

Continuing on with our Flip Flop Pool Party Week we wanted to talk about pool party activities, favors and activities that turn into favors!

As featured yesterday, Caroline’s party put sand buckets to good use for food serving dishes and party favors paired with our custom stickers:

But what to put inside?  We got to thinking and we just love activities or even decor that turn right around and become your party favor.  And since the bucket acts as a nice carrying case we thought the pool party would be a great use of this.

Fabric Paint and ocean themed foam stamps collide for these creative and colorful personalized towels.  While an array of fun jars can be filled with colored Crayola play sand (available in most walmart stores  but check the website to make sure you can find it locally).

 In addition, this super simple tutorial for ribbon flip flops is quick and easy to follow and will ensure everyone attending the party have properly adorned toesies.  Or for an older crowd these fabric embellished flip flops are both easy and cute (im kinda wanting a pair myself!)  And why not let your decor join in the favor fun?  This flip flop banner we found on flikr is too sweet, but how killer would it be if those were actual flip flops strung on the banner?!  Old Navy has flip fops for $2.50 each when you buy more than 2 pairs at a time.

Our favorite bonus to this whole activities doubling as your party favors is you’re hitting two birds with one stone and with so many other things to worry about (food, drink, gifts, etc.) anything that saves us a bit of a time is a big win.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where we’ll discuss food and drink ideas for the perfect Flip Flop Pool Party and if you haven’t yet registered for our giveaway just leave a comment and you’re in!  One lucky winner is taking home a 12 pack of cupcake toppers from our Flip Flop Pool Party decor.  Please feel free to enter once each day, winners drawn on Friday at 5pm pst.

bunting and hat

Oh Pool Party… how I loathed you as an awkward pre-teen/teen/heck who are we kidding…adult, too insecure to step outside in my swimsuit.  But how darling are you now!?  Our brilliant design team has done it again by taking the simple idea of having a pool party and “pink-ing it up” fit for any little one (with a little less inhibition than I ;) )…

And of course it all starts with a darling invitation:

From there we wanted to thank Caroline’s mom for bringing our decor to life and all the amazing inspiration to share with our readers.  We love her use of beach buckets and shovels as food serving trays, (our little signs sit nicely inside).  This is so easy for the kiddos to use and will eliminate any pool soaked palms from digging in and leaving behind soggy snacks.

We can’t help but smile at the button/ribbon embellishments added to the pink and purple flip flops, such a small finishing touch that adds such an impact! CUTE IDEA! And more buckets and shovels for favors have us pondering what other water-friendly finds you might be able to sneak inside…

By the looks of things Caroline had a blast:

Keep in mind that anything you see in pink can easily be customized to blue, purple, yellow, you name it.  Perfect for all of your little mermans and mermaids ;) .  Check out our other pool party options in our shop and keep checking in all week for more great Flip Flop Pool Party Ideas!  Also, this Friday we’ll be giving away a 12 pack of our Flip Flop Pool Party cupcake toppers and all you have to do to enter to win is a leave a comment on our blog.  Please feel free to enter once each day, winners drawn on Friday at 5pm pst.

flip flops

The summer heat is packing a real punch across the globe and it’s our hope that ya’ll are finding a cool place to escape to and if nothing else a pool to jump into.  The Flip Flop Pool Party Week will be our creative spin on your average pool party.  This time we’ll be girly-ing it up a bit and adding an extremely specific focus (flip flops) that allow us to expand on a bunch of awesome ideas.  Tell your husbands to hold onto their speedos, it’s gonna be fun filled and here’s a sneak peak:

Even better, this friday we’ll be drawing the winner of our givewaway for 12 Flip Flop Pool Party cupcake toppers.  What do you have to do to enter you ask?  All you have to do is “like” us on facebook, follow us on twitter, call our mom, dig a huge hole, and give us all of your friend’s email addresses! SIMPLE AS THAT!

All you have to do is leave us a comment on this post and if you want more entries you can leave a comment on every blog post this week for a total of 5 entries. Tell us we’re pretty and you get one extra entry.  We hope you enjoy this week and feel free to share your favorite flip flop pool party ideas so we can pin them (or re-pin them) to our flip flop pool party pinterest board.  BOO YA!