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If you learned anything from Pinwheel Party Week we hope you learned that really ANYTHING can be made into a cute birthday theme thanks to our amazing lead design genius, Michelle.  That’s why one of our fave motto’s is “There’s a party for that!” because we know that if you can dream it, Michelle can put your thoughts on paper and help you Party on Purpose!  Who woulda thunk a sweet little pinwheel could spur such party inspiration:

Congrats to Megan Pile, you are walking away with a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop!  We’ll contact you shortly to start the process of claiming your prize.

Next week we’ll be taking a steep departure from this extremely girlie theme towards a theme fit for a king!  Come back and check it out!

Where To Find It:

Foodham and cheese pinwheelspinwheel cookiescherry pinwheelsturkey pinwheelspizza pinwheelscherry pinwheelsapple wedgespear tart
Drinkizzemason jar drinks
Activitiesdiy glitter pinwheeldiy pinwheelflower pinwheel craftpinwheel craft kitdiy pinwheel
Favorspinwheel favor
Decorpinwheel wreathset of 8 pinwheelsstraws, cups, liners, balloons, decorpinwheel flowerspinwheel garden
Attire: dressclips




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It’s no surprise that we’ve determined the perfect Pinwheel Party activity and party favor, is indeed pinwheels themselves!

We found a number of awesome pinwheel crafts or pre-made pinwheels you can either have your guests DIY or send them home with pre-made.  In the DIY zone we’ve got:

diy glitter pinwheel, pinwheel templateflower pinwheel craftpinwheel craft kit, pinwheel wreath

And we also spotted this lovely little shop that sells “Design Your Own Handheld Pinwheels Sets”

 The perfect addition to any pinwheel party!

For a favor/activity combo we are loving this pinwheel medallion necklace:

 Too cute right?!

Additional fun favors include:

pinwheel candy favors, valentine pinwheels,

We also thought these little pinwheel charms were… well… charming!

Today is your last chance to enter to win a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop, by leaving a comment on any post this week before we draw the winner tomorrow… happy commenting!

Credit Where Credit is Due:
pinwheel flowers in milk bottles


There’s a quick and easy way to have a festive pinwheel spread for your next pinwheel party, and that is to simply… stick with pinwheels:

 ham and cheese pinwheelsturkey pinwheelspizza pinwheels,  pinwheel flowers and bacon pinwheels will serve as your salty and substantial options while:

pinwheel cookiescherry pinwheelspinwheel pastriesapple wedgespear tart, pinwheel cupcakes, pinwheel cake, peppermint pinwheels will serve as your sweets!

For drinks you can either stick with the color scheme via sparkling juices like izze, or go with a more whimsical option by placing little pinwheels inside a mason jar drink and call it a day!  We like how they stuck limes at the bottom of these drinks to give the pinwheel something to cling to.  A lemon slice (with our color scheme) would work perfectly!  We just love this coordinating piece of fabric tied around each jar, so charming!

Our Pinwheel inspired set of straws pairs with all of these drinks smashingly as well!

Tomorrow we’re taking a turn towards favor-town and the university of activities… we hope you’ll come back to enjoy the journey!  Enter to win a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop, by leaving a comment on any post this week!

Where to Find it:
melon rumballa

pin collage1

Our Pinwheel party makes us smile and we hope when you see it, you feel the same way:

We are thrilled to have finally listed this charming party in our shop, and remember anything on our shop menu can be customized to match this theme!

The centerpiece sticks would be so darling inside large mason jars filled with coordinated candy like strawberry o’s!

Pair our decor with our POP Party Supplies and you’ve got Pinwheel Party magic:

Tomorrow we’ll be talking about food and drink ideas to pair with your next Pinwheel Party and don’t forget,  you can enter to win a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop, by leaving a comment on any post this week!

pinwheel watermark

When we first got a request for a Pinwheel Party my brain instantly went to:


Thank God I’m not the POP designer and Michelle is:


We’ve talked about how Michelle’s creativity will blow your mind here… and we think this party is a perfect example of that mind blow-age.  Where does she come up with this stuff??  We’re certainly not complaining!

You might be surprised to find there is actually a lot of different things you can do with a theme as simple as a pinwheel and your end result will be an incredibly unique, charming, fun party that’s extremely easy on the eyes.  Stay tuned this week for pinwheel mania as we highlight food ideas, diy tutorials and of course our new adorable design now in shop!

Enter to win a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop, by leaving a comment on any post this week!