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We have a running list of parties we’d love to get in the shop and the Mad Scientist Party has been chilling on that list for YEARS!  We’re thrilled to announce that today, that list is one party shorter:

We understand that our scientist looks a little less “mad scientist” and a little more “friendly scientist” but keep in mind he’s a quick trip to our POP Hair salon away from going crazy mad and we’re happy to make that tweak for you if needed!

Our chevron POP Party Bags compliment this party smashingly!

This is one of many new parties we hope to have in shop by summer’s end.  It’s time you see all the adorablness we have stashed up our sleeves!!  Enter to win a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop by simply hopping down to the comments section of this post (or any post this week) and telling us you love us.  Is that so much to ask!?

Get back here tomorrow for Mad Scientist Party food and drink ideas!