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Dinosaur party week has been filled with carnivores and herbivores, growling and grubbing and we had so much fun coming up with all of these dino ideas.  Check out our inspiration board below and if we missed something let us know and we’ll add it to our dinosaur party pinterest board:

Though we’re super sad to see Dino Week come to a close, we’re super stoked that Sunshine Party week is coming up next!    Get your last entry into this week’s giveaway for a free custom printable invitation good for any party in our shop by leaving a comment on this post.  We’ll draw the winner later today!

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Food: cupcakeslaffy taffylemonheaddino cookies
Drink: lime sherbet punch recipe
Decor: balloons
Activity: egg hunt tutorialmaskspinatadinosaur figurines
Favors: grabbers
Attire: shirt

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There are a few things we think would be both fun and fitting for the dino bday bash including these:

a little bit of this:

and maybe wearing these while smashing this!

but what we’re really jacked up about is this DINO EGG HUNT!  Have ya’ll seen anything like it before?  Turn little watermelons, and honeydews into prehistoric eggs.  Paint them with different colored spots that correspond to a different prize for each and maybe include one giant golden egg for a grand prize (think full sized watermelon)!


We’re also digging these simple Stegosaurus Socks as one of the prizes:

On their way out the door guests can grab a little dino grabber as one final small “thank you”… tie a thank you tag around its neck,  throw ‘em inside a mason jar, call it a day.

We’ll be drawing the winner of our weekly giveaway tomorrow so if you haven’t entered to with a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop yet, all you have to do is leave on a comment on any post this week and you’re in.

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Put your Dino footprint on the food and drink at your Dinosaur Party by creating a dino friendly menu!


An array of herbivore friendly foods like this dinosaur made of melon slices along with veggie dirt cups is a great start for the plamt eaters of the group.


A couple options for the meat eaters include dino shaped chicken nuggets and ham and cheese sandwichasaurus‘.


We definitely can’t forget about the Sweetivore in each of us.  Cupcakeslaffy taffylemonheads, and dino cookies should keep these wild beast’s hunger at bay!

That covers all the major food groups right?

For drinks we were thinking something green would work best, so this lime sherbet punch recipe really caught our eye.  We also like the idea of using water bottles (that the kiddos can take home with them) and a little punch station (think sweet tea, lemonade and limeade)… if only we could make these dispensers steam like hot lava!!

oh wait… we can make a punch bowl steam like hot lava!!

Whatever floats your dino boat!  Hopefully when all is said and done the kids feel like they got their fair share of junk and health and maybe they learn a thing or two while they’re at it!

Tomorrow we’ll be diving into more Dinosaur Party Activities and Favors so be sure to come back for that and if you haven’t already entered to win a free digital “you print” invite (good for any party in our shop) please feel free to leave a comment on any post this week and you’re in!

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Michelle posted this customer party a few months back when PartyOnPurpose was LePoppy Design.  We thought it was so cute it was worth re-sharing:

“…It to get photos of your parties!  Most importantly I love seeing happy kiddos, proud parents and lots of frosting.  But coming in at a close second – I love to share photos of those parties that “got away”.  The parties I wanted so desperately to photograph prior to shipping but couldn’t.  Because about 10 times a week I’m asked if I have a dinosaur party and NOW I can finally send everyone here!  Because we do!  We do have a dinosaur party and it is dang cute!  Not quite as cute as an entire family in party-coordinating-outfits….but still cute.
and even better when the pictures come from an excellent professional photographer, Jenny Ann Photography.
We hope you’ll hop back over tomorrow when we’ll be talking about food and drink options for the Dinosaur Party Theme!  Also go right on ahead and leave a comment on any post this week in order to enter to win a free, printable invitation for any party in our shop.

Happy Dinosaur Party Week Everybody!  It’s our hope that you come out of this week either

craving meat

craving a jurassic park marathon

or looking scaley,

or maybe just excited about throwing this party for your little dino lover.  Stay tuned all week for awesome activity ideas, favors, real party photos and more.  As usual we’ll also be giving away a free digital “you print” invitation (good for any party in our shop) to one lucky reader that leaves us a comment this week.  Get your comment on!

And in case you’re wondering, each of the above photos turned up when we googled: “craving meat”, “craving a Jurassic Park marathon” or “looking scaly”…  the small things in life that entertain us so…

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