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One of our favorite things about the caterpillar party is how just a little thinking outside the box can lead to an entire little world of party decor.  From lining your food up like caterpillars to a game of twister, we’ve wriggled our way through caterpillar week like a caterpillar wriggling out of a cocoon… in the words of Mariah Carey “spread your wings and prepare to fly…”

Why that wasn’t a chart topper, I’ll never know.  Dry your eyes and check out our Caterpillar Party Inspiration Board:

Next week we’ll be talking tools for the little handy-man in your life.  We hope you stop by.  Also, we want to say CONGRATULATIONS to this week’s digital invite winner Ms. Rachel!  We appreciate your tip on party favors and will contact you shortly with details about claiming your prize.  Have a great weekend… next week… it’s tool time.

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Food: caterpillar cupcake cake,  pancakes
Drink: punch
Decor: decorstrawspoms
Activity: caterpillar craft or Caterpillar Twister
Favors: bubbles with our favor tags
Attire: dress


Caterpillar party week is inching along and our activity ideas are as fun and buggy as our decor.

To start, a craft table with a couple caterpillar crafts to choose from will keep half the kids busy:

bookmarksegg crate caterpillarhuman caterpillar craft

While the other half hit the Twister mat:

Remember if you’re doing the pink caterpillar party you can always DIY a twister mat in corresponding colors by taping circles to the floor or drawing circles in sidewalk chalk/spray paint outside.  We like the idea of adding little antennae to the end of each color row to add to that buggy feel.

Throw the kids in one of these adorable diy’d antenna headbands so they can actually BE caterpillars playing caterpillar Twister!

Even better these puppies double as party favors…

Speaking of favors, alas, someday those darling little caterpillars are bound to turn into beautiful butterflies so why not touch on that with these butterfly net party favors?  Put a couple treats inside and give them to your guests on their way out.

So colorful and fun you may even forget that your child wants to revolve their entire party around a bug!

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Credit Where Credit is due:
twister image, outdoor twister image

caterpillar food new

If caterpillars are the name of the game that leaves us with two very obvious food choices:

Food in the shape of caterpillars:

caterpillar cupcake cake,  pancakes,  sandwichesfruit caterpillar, cheesecake caterpillars, caterpillar appetizer

Food with holes in it as though a caterpillar just ate through it:

bagels, donuts, these adorable cookies, and macaroni salad will do the trick!

for drinks a yummy pink or red punch is always a great addition to any party and a frozen fruit ice ring keeps with our theme seemlessly:

This ice ring how-to is awesome and shows just how simple it is to make.

Doesn’t this theme seem so much more simple once you see everything together?!  Get creative!  What else could we layer like a caterpillar??  Tomorrow we’ll talk about some awesome activities and favors for the Caterpillar Party so get back here for that.  Also, please be sure to leave a comment on this post or any post this week to be automatically entered to win a free digital “you print” invitation good for any party in our shop!

Credit Where Credit is Due:
bagel image, donut image


It pleases us so to see our product reach its full potential when moms across the world take our ideas to the absolute next level… Little Gia’s mom did just that, have a look.

The most enviable birthday party entryway:

A massive food spread covered by an even more massive pink tent and adorned with an adorable chinese lantern chandelier… oh and our banner gleamining in the background.  Wow.

We love how Gia’s mom used our centerpice sets on  jars and vases in various shapes and sizes, such a delightful finishing touch to this color coordinated spread:

And this cake is SO simple yet somehow one of the most adorable cakes we’ve seen!  Fondant circles (similar to these) paired with a “1″ and a “bug” and you’re done!

Our super sweet smash topper looked so innocent, but it was only a matter of time till…

Little Gia Bug dug in!

 Thank you again and again to Gia’s mom for sharing these photos, they’re truly to die for.  And for anyone interested in attempting to create a similarly magical day, check out our Caterpillar Party in our shop and drop us a line with any questions you might have.  This same party comes in primary colors (example image posted on Monday) so just convo us on Etsy if you’d prefer those bold colors.  We’ll be giving away a free digital “you print” invitation good for any party in our shop on Friday so be sure to leave a comment sometime this week in order to be entered to win!

primary caterp

If you’ve done any research into the party world it’s pretty clear that the Very Hungry Caterpillar book has spawned many a party theme.  For copyright purposes we can’t go creating party decor that steals from this popular children’s book, so we went ahead and created something custom that’s similar and pretty darn cute all on it’s own.  Maybe your child wants a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme, that’s just fine and it works with our decor too!  Maybe your kiddo digs caterpillars all on its own… even better.  We’ve got a couple looks to choose from:

Bold and Beautiful

Pretty and Pink

Either or we think we can help you create the perfect Caterpillar Party for your little leaf lover.  We’ll munch our way through food and drink ideas, favor and activity ideas and highlight a killer customer party all this week.  Also, get your entries in to win a free digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop.  All you have to do is leave a comment on any post this week and you’re in it to win it!