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We spent the week talking about our bowling party and featuring the red/white/blue decor now available in shop but we haven’t forgotten about those girls out there that really can’t function without a little pink:

Keep in mind any of our decor can be customized in the color scheme of your choosing and we’ve got a matching invitation to coordinate with each party in our shop!  With that said, check out this week’s inspiration board for the Americana take on our bowling party:

You may have spotted some red tape in the inspiration board and this is for the DIY lines/stripes you might want to incorporate (like the red stripes on a bowling pin) – we think of everything over here folks!!

Congrats to Jill!!  Your comment was this week’s winner for a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop!  We’ll be in touch shortly to start the process of claiming your prize.

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wbowling shirts

Of course when it comes to activities for a bowling party, the main activity is right there in the name.  BOWLING! Done and done!  But you can always make the event more organized, festive and fun by incorporating team shirts for all of your guests:

We tracked down a variety of options for ya!  You can buy t-shirts in bulk and use our iron-ons to customize, use this shirt pattern and sew your own authentic bowling shirt (if you’re just plain seamstress thug like that) or for a higher end option, use an etsy vendor that specializes in attire.  Once your guests are properly outfitted, shoes are rented and the bowling is ready to begin, it’s competition time!

Rather than “every man for themselves” split your guests into teams that can cheer one another on.  They can pick their own team name, get extra points for creativity and in the end win a trophy!  Hint: Take team photos at the end of the match and send them with your thank you cards.

If you’re doing the bowling party at home and need some assistance with how to go about this, we found a couple awesome options we’re dying to try:

By the looks of things you’re a couple liters of Cola and a long-ish sidewalk away from your very own bowling lane!  We’re definitely banking this for a fun summer time activity.

Whether you plan to do your bowling party at home or on location,  you’re bound to run into down time.  We all know that bowling involves a good amount of patiently waiting for your turn and we all know not all children are that awesome at the whole patiently waiting part!  Keep kids busy with activities they can do while they wait:

Face painting, and coloring Party On Purpose custom coloring pages can be paired with eating and signing a vintage bowling pin for your child to take home as a keepsake:

Rumor has it many bowling alleys are now providing these pins as part of the party, so be sure to ask before you hop on etsy and buy your own vintage pin for signatures.

After the games are all done and the kids are officially walking around like zombies in junk food coma’s it’s party favor time which should definitely include a trophy for all their hard work:

If you’re throwing the bash at home you can even do a pinata (we found a couple cute bowling pinatas) and let the kids fill goodie bags with candy so their parents can really despise you once the party finally concludes.

We’ll be announcing the winner of our digital “you print” invite for this week tomorrow, so be sure to leave a comment on any post this week so you’re in the running!

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wbowling sweets

The bowling party is a great excuse to stick to the basics (pizza and soda anyone?) so whether you’re doing a bowling party out of your home or hanging around the local lanes, going with standard bowling fare is not only easy, it’s expected!

BYS (bring your own sweets) to the bowling lanes.  This will continue to personalize your event in what can be a very impersonal setting:

For drinks, while adults are familiar with Bowling and Budweiser, the kids might appreciate a nice root beer alternative!  Rootbeer Floats at your “at home” party are an awesome addition and how fun to have pitchers of pop just like they serve at the bowling lanes?

It’s funny how the small details like this, that are easy and inexpensive, can add so much authenticity to your event.  Can’t beat the $4 price tag for these pitchers either!!

With your guests well fed and hydrated they’re certainly ready to get the bowling on a roll (get it)!  Tomorrow we’ll be talking about activities and yes there’s more to a bowling party than just bowling.  How about what to do with those busy-bodies that can’t sit still between turns??  We’ve got plenty of ideas for you so come back for that!

Don’t forget to enter to win a digital “you print” invite (a $15 value) good for any party in our shop by leaving a comment on any post this week.

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One of the easiest ways to take your average “on-location” party and customize it, is through decor, which is precisely where we come in handy.  Having custom details incorporated with your child’s name and age will separate your party from the pack.  Introducing our Bowling Party – New in shop!

You might have spotted one other new addition to our line-up:

Paired with our stickers (or not) we think these new party bags are an adorable addition to the POP Shop and we’re thrilled to be able to offer them to our amazing customers!  Get a set of 16 selected to match your next event for just $4.

Tomorrow we’ll be sharing some food and drink ideas for the bowling party, but today you can enter to win a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop by leaving a comment on any post this week!

bowling door sign

If you’ve done this you know exactly what I’m talking about, and if you haven’t, you more than likely will… Your little one is born and for the first couple birthdays it’s a massive bash at home where your house becomes a wonderland filled with whichever theme your child is adoring at the moment.  But as your child grows a couple things happen:

  1. The burnout occurs on your end – “Can I really entertain that many people in my home every year!?”
  2. Your child starts attending parties for their friends outside the home and  their wheels start turning – “I can have a party wherever I want!?”
  3. You resolve that hosting something outside the home eliminates, mess, stress, and a lot of the planning involved – “Why not!?”

We’re here to remind you this week that if you plan a birthday party for your kiddo at a pizza joint, swimming pool, or bouncey house you don’t have to lose the custom touches you so loved about their birthday parties of yore  This week we’ll be highlighting how you can make your run-of-the-mill bowling party special!  Here’s a sneak peak:

Come back all week for activity ideas (yes beyond just bowling!) fun food and drink ideas and more.  Leave a comment on any post this week and you’re entered to win a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop!