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We all know that little girls are filled with Sugar & Spice and all things nice – so when it came time to base an entire Baby Shower around this theme we jumped at the chance and here’s what our amazing designers came up with:

Pairing our decor with lots of white doilies, fresh flowers and berries brought this party full circle:

Fresh and pretty if you ask me!  The “Dear Baby” cards are such a sweet way to offer your hopes for the little one, what a great way to come into the world!  In other news we’d like to congratulate Amy W., you’re this week’s winner of a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop!  We’ll be in touch with you shortly to start the process of claiming your prize.

This also concludes our 3 week feature launching POP Graduate, POP Bridal, and POP Baby!  We hope you’ll keep us in mind for your next adult event as well as all the children’s parties you have in store.  Happy Friday everyone!


Baby showers are something we design party decor for often.  Many of our children’s party customers return looking for shower decor, or folks with specific themes stumble upon our shop and see it’s dual purpose capabilities which is what we’ll be touching on today.  Don’t be fooled by the “happy birthday” graphics.  Anything you see in writing can easily be changed to say “Welcome Baby Jones” or “Congrats Amber!” (for example), so when you see some of the themes below think Baby Shower!

We just recently did this Rubber Duck theme in grey and yellow for a baby shower.  Did you know we can customize any theme to match your color scheme of choice?  Just drop us a line!

If you’re stumped on a theme, “Pinwheels” are a simple way to girly up the shower with a clean fresh not too “theme-y” theme!  Again let us know if you need a custom color scheme and we’re happy to work with you:

We did this whale theme for a “Little Squirt” baby shower, which gives you lots of blues to work with:

While our mod giraffe theme can really go either way!  If you’d like to use this theme for a boy and want to remove the coral/pink tones we can do that!  Once upon a time I was called a baby giraffe… this might be fitting for a mom-to-be who happens to be taller than your average bear ;) :

We just recently did a “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” theme for a baby shower and we curse the day we didn’t photograph the decor before it left our shop!  These train and plane themes are pretty darn cute as well though:

Know a golfing couple??  We did this golf baby shower years ago and it stands strong as one of our favorite themes in shop!  Love the pinks and greens together, but if the baby’s a boy, we can definitely swap that pink for fun pastel blues and or yellows:

We can also take any lollipop theme and turn it into a “She’s About to Pop!” theme!  Love the idea of lollipop bouquets and favors for your guests.  This is also a great party to go gender neutral (again we can adjust the color palette accordingly) since the graphics can focus on “She’s About to POP!” rather than “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl”!

Lastly but not leastly, one of the more popular themes we see in the baby shower world that we happen to have in shop is a jungle/safari theme.  Often times this is based on the direction mom is taking with her little one’s nursery, check out the decor here:

and for a softer take on this same theme see below, with more photos from this customer’s party here:

Don’t see the theme you’re looking for?  We’re always taking custom orders!  Send us your ideas and let our design team “wow” you!

Enter to win a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop by leaving a comment on any blog post this week!


You might recognize today’s baby shower feature as it has a striking resemblance  to a little party we happened to feature last week.

Our “sprinkle” party can work for an actual baby sprinkle (what you’ll see below) or really for any party that doesn’t have a direct theme.  If you’re looking for fun pops of colors to work with, this is the perfect place to start.  We can do this theme in ANY color scheme, we just happened to do both the “Last Fling Before the Ring” bachelorette party and the “Sprinkled with Love” baby sprinkle in pinks and yellows because that’s what the customers ordering them were looking for.

Without further adieu - allow me to Sprinkle You With Love:

Welcome a new baby’s arrival, congratulate the new ma and pa and make your space look like a million bucks with the help of our decor!  More baby shower decor is on the way tomorrow and don’t forget, enter to win a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop by leaving a comment on any post this week!


We’ve spent the past couple weeks getting the word out that Party On Purpose is “so much more than just a pretty children’s party”,  announcing the launch of POP Graduate and POP Bridal.  Today we’re proudly announcing POP Baby!  Baby shower decor now available in shop with new parties getting listed all week.

Which brings us to this awesome boy baby shower we did a month or so ago with a Camo theme:

It’s a boy and the decor is fabulous!  We love that even though it’s manly and camo there is still a softness to it that is somehow sweet!  You wouldn’t believe what decor like this does to a hormonal woman ready to pop!  Needless to say our mom-to-be was a teary-eyed mess at the site of our sweet touches to her (and her little man’s) special day.

Keep in mind any of this decor can also be tweaked for a big bad camo/camping birthday party as well.  Of course we’d be swapping out the carriage graphic for something more manly… just drop us a line if you’re interested!!

As usual, we’re giving away a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop so be sure to leave a comment on this here post in order to be entered to win.  Stick around, more baby shower fun is on the way all week!