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bayside collage

I’m not sure if Saved By The Bell could have possibly made the same impact on you and your friends from high school as it did on me and my friends from high school… and by “friends from high school” I mean these two weirdos I happen to own this business with:

and a couple other goobers that have been in our life for a little while now… (a measly 20 years), check out the 5 of us at Julie’s wedding in 2007:

but back to The Bell… Saved by the Bell… it has a special place in our hearts.  We grew up with Bayside, and we spent our after school hours memorizing re-runs like the rest of you.  Right!?  Or are we alone in this?  The extent of our trivia has left no stone un-turned.  No substitute teacher missed, even the Miss Bliss years aren’t off limits.  What’s come of this extensive Bell knowledge, since clearly we’ve graduated and it’s hard to maintain the ongoing trivia game, is but a simple phrase every 4th of July:

Family, Friends Fun and Fireworks… that’s the 4th

So poignant.

For those of you that may not know, this is a famous Stacy Carosi quote that one would have thought would have solidified her win as Miss Liberty in the pageant held by those crazy kids while working at the Malibu Sands Beach Club (their summer job of course).  However, in a wild twist, Zack (one of the judges) gives his tie-breaking vote to Kelly (his EX!) and not to Stacy (his current beau and the daughter of his boss!), but he knew, and didn’t we all, that Kelly deserved the win.  Albeit totally controversial.

Can we take a quick moment of silence on behalf of those spunky pageant gowns!?

Each year, without a doubt, one of my friends (if not me) will wish the others a happy 4th and Carosi’s quote will indeed come up.  It’s one tradition I can count on every 4th of July and since it has to be said by someone this year, I wanted to give a quick shout out to the 4 best friends on the planet and say:

Family, Friends Fun and Fireworks… that’s the 4th

And yes Jules, we’ll tell everyone you jumped in the water too.  Happy 4th of July everybody!!

credit where credit is due:
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4th of july inspiration board

We’re posting our inspiration board a little early this week in hopes that you can use it for tomorrow’s festivities.  If you’re anything like us, you’re just now finding time to shut down your work brain (a little) and wondering what you can do that’s easy and festive for the 4th.  Here’s some ideas:

1. pinwheels, 2.smash cake set, 3.banner, 4.mason jar flag, 5.snack cups, cream sandwich, 7.chunky necklace, 8.breakfast, 9.4th of July popsicles, 10.parfait, 11.subway art, 12.snack cups, 13.patriotic food flags, 14.3 layer cake, 15.balloons, 16.coke, 17.hat, 18.white chocolate dipped strawberries, 19.cake pops, 20.festive drink, 21.popcorn, 22.straws, 23.outfit, booth


We’ve got a full 4th of July pin board complete with some awesome ideas we spotted to help spiff up your 4th of July event this year.  Whether you’re hosting or bringing something to contribute to a picnic, there’s plenty of ideas!  Here’s some of our faves:

mason jar flag

festive drink

white chocolate dipped strawberries

4th of July desserts

tie dye DIY

For more Pinterest fun check out our 4th of July pin board!

4th of July Party Decorations

This little guy share’s his special day with America and his mom decided to embrace the ole red white and blue with regards to party decor:

all of the above pairs great with our new POP Party Supplies:

Whether it’s your happy birthday or you just want to add a festive touch to your next 4th of July bash, there’s a party for that!  We do holiday, baby shower, bachelorette party, etc. decor for nearly ANY event!!  Have a safe and fun 4th ya’ll!