Meet the POP Girls

It’s true, we met in the 7th grade and have been best friends ever since.  Our passion for the party design that delights your loved ones, came solely from the fun we had crafting up parties for each other over the years and realizing – “we’re pretty darn good at this”!  Being able to take each of our specific talents and mold them into a business model that works has been a dream come true.

Meet Michelle

Michelle is the creative brains behind this operation.  She started PartyOnPurpose under the name “Le Poppy Design” back in 2005 and has been wowing us with her attention to detail, her eye for design and Rainman like tendencies ever since.  We lovingly refer to  Michelle as the “Michelleopedia” and she wins the Most Likely to Succeed award for being our very own human Google.  Michelle’s uncanny knack for combining patterns, colors, textures and shapes into each of our designs is unmatchable and we truly believe that this is reflected in every party we ship.  Her creativity will blow your mind!  And we kinda like her too.

Meet Julie
editor/public relations

Julie worked in customer service for years and ran her own dance studio before deciding to PartyOnPurpose.  Jules lives, eats, and breathes our product and party design in general.  Let’s put it this way, if she could sleep in ribbon, paper and cupcake toppers, she would!  She wins the Most Talented award for brightening our days with her random beltings of show tunes (and dances) at work.   This quintessential girly girl’s sweet side can be found in every glittery, cherry topped design in our shop and it’s her love and commitment for our customers that make her the real deal.

Meet Amy

Amy got her start in television before realizing she preferred to connect with people online.  It was only after a “What am I doing with my life!?” moment on the job at a local website that PartyOnPurpose seemingly fell into her lap.  Amy is the neat freak, goal oriented weirdo of the bunch that keeps our team on task, organized and motivated.  She wins our Most Athletic award for her inability to sit still (she’s a finger tapper, leg shaker, has to be doing something at all times kind of girl), but has a passion and self discipline that few can rival which we certainly appreciate.  Amy is also the silly one of the bunch and reminds us that parties are supposed to be FUN!

Most importantly, hand crafting these parties, coming up with the designs and getting to work together has been incredibly FUN for us!  Everybody wins.