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peach door sign

When Liv’s mom approached us about tweaking our existing Peach Party Decor and adding some blues as well as a bit more in the pink department we jumped at the challenge.  Little did we know what all she’d DO with the decor to make us look so darn good, not to mention the amazing photos c/o Tara Sproc Photography!  These photos made us so happy, starting with the invite and custom stamp/return address labels we created:

Guests were greeted at the front door with balloons similar to these, centerpiece sticks in the flower pots and a custom POP Door Sign:

and oh my what a spread!!  Not a single, tiny detail went unnoticed and it shows.  We love how all of the hints of blue make the various shades of peach stand out all that much more:

Custom cutlery is always a festive and functional addition to your party table:

And all of our signs compliment the color coordinated spread perfectly!  Kudos Kudos Kudos to the Mama on this one, she went above and beyond!

Adult guests indulged in Peach Bellinis.  We created a custom menu that acted as the recipe/directions to DIY your own drink:

While the little guests were sent along their merry way with a sweet treat even their parents could appreciate – Peachy O’s!  Each individual bag was secured with a pop favor tag that said “Thank you for making my party PEACHY (heart) Liv”:

Everything turned out so great and while we’d love to steal all of the credit here, our decor really took a back seat to all of the extremely detailed plans put in place by Liv’s mommy.  I’m sure a peachy time was had by all!

Credit Where Credit is due:
CookiesCake PopsCustom Peaches and Cream Cupcakes


There’s something so sweet and simple about our peach party:

Isn’t it darling!?  I mean we never really tire of hearing how much you love our handcrafted party decor so feel free to rant and rave as much as you please:

We’ve also got a couple different party supplies that coordinate well with this theme:

We’ll be spotlighting this party in action tomorrow so come back here for that.  It’s another take on the same sweet peach, we hope you love it as much as we do!!

art party ideas

***This is a re-post from August 2012

Art Party Week has been so much fun for us and in case you hadn’t heard us mention it before, we love this party because there are SO many options!!  Don’t get overwhelmed, you’re a couple rainbows away from looking like you thought of every last detail even if you only do two or three of the things we mentioned this week.

1) tie dye sign, 2) birthday banner, 3) fruit kabob image, 4) rainbow ruffle dress diy, 5) cake, 6) door sign, 7) aprons, 7) M&M image, 8) tie dye image, 9) spin art sign, 10) cupcakes, 11) rainbow jello, 12) ruffle tablecloth, 13) face painting image, 14) cutlery, 14) centerpiece wrap



art pinata

***This is a re-post from August 2012

If you haven’t checked out our post from Tuesday featuring Avery’s Art Party you’re gonna wanna do that…  Today we’ll be talking about some of the favors, decor and activities that went into her big day along with some other additions we think work great with the Art Party theme.

For Decor we’re obsessing over this birthday balloon wreathruffle tablecloth and a rainbow array of poms… it’s as though they floated straight down from heaven to come party with us (now available in the POP shop).

 1) Wreath, 2) tablecloth, 3) poms

Taking from little Avery’s special day, spin art and tie dye are fun and easy activities for the kiddos!  This tie dye shirt tutorial seems simple enough (and we certainly appreciate the list of “things you’ll need” included).  Grab a couple packs of kids hanes t-shirts and get a move on!  Or if you’re so inclined, get white party aprons and tye die those instead!  Although that very well may defeat the purpose of the apron.  But we’re rule breakers like that.

1) tie dye image, 2) white party aprons, 3) face paint image

Our last activity and perhaps our favorite has us giving MAD PROPS to the folks over at Givers Log  for this freakin AMAZING frozen pinata idea.  Not only did she think to put ice cream goodies in the pinata, and freeze the pinata until it was smashing time, but she wrapped the pinata in rainbow-y goodness and we can’t think of a more appropriate way for the kiddos to nab their sundae treats than to smash this thing!

1) frozen pinata

For favors, these lollipop bouquets were an idea stolen (again) from the party we featured Tuesday.  SO CUTE and they can also double as your party favors… kids grab a lolli on their way out!

1) rainbow lollipop image, 2) paint can , 3) lollipop in paint can image

paint can + giant swirl lollipops = dual purpose decor and favor goodness (anyone else picking up on my math skills this week?).  These will look adorable with our sweet thank you tags tied to each individual lolli.

And let us not forget all the fun artwork, t-shirts, aprons the kiddos will get to take home.  Nobody’s leaving empty handed.

art sweets

The great thing about the Art Party is you have an instant “Rainbow” theme to work with and that makes just about any food and drink option (whatever color it may be), work!  We’re gonna highlight a couple extra healthy options and a couple extra not-so-healthy options in hopes they balance each other out.  Carrot + Candy = Zero, right?

On the healthy front you’ve got fruit veggies and a little bit of dairy:

1) fruit kabobs, 2) fruit salad, 3) rainbow veggies

Ya there’s cheese on that salad so that counts as dairy.  In addition, meat and veggies collide in these colorful kabobs:


On the not-so-healthy front and as promised yesterday I wanted to give just a little bit more love to our customer’s gorgeous rainbow cake (complete with paint splashes) and connect ya’ll to the best tutorial I could spy online for said cake:

Apparently “Whisk Kid” is the originator of this cake and she was on Martha Stewart’s show chatting with her about it so I think you’re pretty safe to follow her steps.  All that buttery, creamy, rainbowy goodness has us salivating like Homer Simpson up in this mug.

If you don’t have time to make this epic culinary masterpiece you’re in luck because there are some pretty stinkin cute cupcake options that’ll work just as well.  It’s always been our theory that the more cake the merrier.

 1) Cupcake 1, 2) Cupcake 2, 3) Cupcake 3

Those sour rainbow belts in pic 1 would be cute as food/decor all on their own too!

And let’s not drop the rainbow ball when it comes to beverages.  A rainbow display with your drinks would be easy with either soda or juice.  Forget the reading rainbow… how about this soda rainbow!?

Typically doping our kids up on soda isn’t our cup of tea, but for this particular theme we’ll make an exception…  for juice think fruit punch, orange juice, lemonade, apple juice, water and grape juice.  Same idea ;) .

We’ll be back tomorrow with more Art Party decor, activity and favor ideas… see you then!


***This is a re-post from August 2012

Our designer Michelle has a serious obsession with rainbows and I think that obsession translated into perfection when it comes to our Art Party.  Besides the bright fantastic-ness of it all we love the fact that the art party is an activity all on its own and Avery’s mom literally took this to the NEXT LEVEL… strap on your rain-bow boots people… this party is a masterpiece.

Our banner’s a fabulous backdrop to this amazing display of rainbow lollipopsarray of poms in all the colors of the rainbow, and most deliciously a rainbow cake:

Did we mention rainbow cake!?

I mean COME ON!?? Look at those little splashes of paint all over the outer frosting!  So darling and no detail was overlooked.   Our decor doesn’t look too shabby either ;) … Now back to that “next level” I was talking about:

Spin art, tie dye shirts and personalized aprons OH MY!  These lucky kiddos had to have had a blast enjoying all the activities and (as always our favorite) – getting to take their hard work home for party favors!

There’s no way Avery didn’t feel entirely celebrated and we can’t think of a better way to have done so for this walking work of art:

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s feature on food and drink for Art Party Week (you better believe we’re talking about that rainbow cake).


We’ve finally got our Art Party available for purchase directly out of our shop:

Keep in mind we can do this party in ANY color scheme, whether you’re digging the primary rainbow or maybe you want to take a single color and go for an hombre paint party?? We can do that!  Just drop us a line and let us know what you had in mind for your custom color scheme:

Tomorrow we’ll be sharing photos from a customer party that is TO DIE FOR!!  This customer party sets the bar for our Art Party and will certainly provide great inspiration for anyone interested in this theme.  Come back and check it out!

cowboy party ideas

It’s officially time to let the sun set on Cowboy Party Week.  All of our little buckaroos are off to greener pastures… but before we go we wanted to share this week’s idea round-up with ya’ll:

1) pony, , 2) rope frame diy, 3) gear up sign, 4) balloons, 5) coke crate, 6) centerpiece stick, 7) corn on the cob, 8) favor tags, 9) banner, 10) shirt, 11) food tents, 12) hot dogs, 13) cookies, 14) pony corral sign, 15) child image, 16) cake pops, 17) trail mix station, 19) snack cups, straws, cupcake liners, 20) panning for gold, 21) candy, 22) ants on a log


horse shoe image

What’s a cowboy party if  you’re guests aren’t dressing the part?  A quick easy way to get everyone into the spirit is to Gear up Partner!

 1) sheriff badge, 2) gear up sign, 3) hats, 4) bandannas, 5) child image

Once your guests are lookin’ the part, they can start feeling the part while partaking in some real cowboy activities like lassoin’:


1) pony, 2) pony corral sign, 3) pony diy

horse shoein’:



and wrappin’ things up with a smore’s cookout around the campfire!

For favors we mentioned these little smore’s party favors during camping week and they’re too cute not to mention again:

1) smore’s favor, 2) bandanna favor image

I can just picture it now, all your little buckaroos and their gunny sacks filled with cowboy treats as they’re sent along the long winding happy trail of life!??  Too much fun!


More helpful links:
horse shoe game diy

cowboy sweets

It’s all about the setting when it comes to food and drink for the cowboy party.  Somehow a regular old BBQ becomes so much more western with the addition of bandannas for napkins, metal food trays, hay bails for sitting (or a for salads/fruit/etc.) and lots of silly food tents!

1) custom food tents, 2) beanies and weenies, 3) ants on a log, 4) hot dogs, 5) corn on the cob

We talked about this idea during camping party week (and actually a lot of our camping party ideas pair great with the cowboy theme), but setting up a trail mix station is a festive addition playing on the whole “happy trails” cowboy saying.

 trail mix station

We can customize the trail mix station sign and centerpiece wraps to match the cowboy theme and all you need is some tin cans to recreate this trail mix magic!

For sweets we found a variety of cowboy cookies and cake pops online that are way too cute to pass up.  Loving all this cow print:

 1) cake pops, 2) candy3) cookies

Finish things off at the waterin’ hole where your little buckaroos can re-hydrate and get ready for the day’s events!   Our coordinating party straws never looked so cute:

1) pop shop straws, custom food tents, 2) mason jar drinks, 3) coke image, 4) coke crate

Old fashioned soda, mason jars filled with ice cold lemonade and water bottles with coordinating water bottle labels (care of yours truly) will fashion up the fanciest waterin’ hole this side of the Mississippi!

As for tomorrow, get on back here for activity and favor ideas that will wear your little buckaroo’s out and send them on their merry little way.  Happy Trails to you… until we meet again!