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button collagefinal

The Cute as a Button party is definitely something you don’t see every day.  Taking a popular saying and turning it into a more literal party theme is a great way to keep you party original.

1. button apothecary jars, 2. cookies, 3. button age, 4.button art, 5. cake, 6.button hair clip, 7.button soap, 8. cute as a button party centerpiece sticks, 9. clips, 10. cute as a button cupcake toppers, 11. button projects, 12. Izze, 13.button monogram, 14. button cookie tutorial, 15. button matchbox favor, 16. button crayons, 17. bulk buttons, 18. cute as a button “take one” sign, 19. frame, 20. balloons, 21. dress, 22. party supplies, 23. button lolli-pops

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sew favorsfinal

The “Cute as a Button” party theme is an excellent opportunity to get crafty with… BUTTONS.  Buy a bunch in bulk and get to gettin creative:

1. button art, 2. button vases, 3. button bracelets, 4. crayons, 5. bulk buttons

From bracelets to artwork to vases there are a bunch of different ways kids can have fun with buttons and we also thought these button crayons would be a spiffy addition to a Party On Purpose digital coloring page (custom made for your next “Cute as a Button” party)!

Favors come in many forms – like perhaps filling up the mason jars topped with pin cushions with coordinating candy like we talked about yesterday:

A couple more ideas include:

1. cute as a button scented soap, 2. button matchbox favor 3. frame, 4. button lolli-pops, 5. button hair clip, 6. clips, 7. button soap

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sew sweetsfinal

Trying to create a party spread limited to “button” shaped food was a difficult task, so rather than take our food/drink ideas this week entirely literally we started to think about what exactly is the “Cute as a Button” theme other than an excuse to play with buttons, thimbles and spools of thread.  If you settle on the idea of being “cute as a button” you’ve got simple, small, cute!  Which, to us, shouts FINGER FOOD!

Goodies like pigs in a blanket, bacon wrapped dates and basically anything you can pick up with a toothpick is “cute as a button” right!?  Check out this awesome post from BrightNest for all the inspiration you’ll need with regards to teeny, tiny, toothpick-able bites:

For sweets you can go in the direction of that more literal take we talked about above:

1. cake, 2. button cookie tutorial, 3. cute as a button cupcake toppers, 4. cookies, 5. button cookies, 6. cake pops

Drinks turn festive when you stick with the sewing theme and incorporate mason jar pin cushions on top of the mason jars filled with color-coordinated punch/juice.  Whether you’re a DIY’er that can pull it off all on your own, or you’d rather purchase something like these adorable ones we found for $6 each on Etsy just keep in mind that any pin cushions with actual PINS in them should be kept out of reach of the kiddos and used more as a decor feature.  Still adorable, just not grab-able.

1. great pin cushion tutorial, 2. pin cushion caps, 3. mason jar drinks 4. mason jar pin cushion tutorial

Filling similar jars with buttons or coordinating candy make a cute decor accent as well as party favors!  Put a couple jars filled with our coordinating party straws out for guests and you’re all set:

Tomorrow we’ve got some cute as a button activity and favor ideas you won’t want to miss out on so come back here for that and enter to win a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop by leaving a comment on any blog post this week!!


We’ve got a new party in shop and it’s cute as a button and we’re not just tooting our own horn, it’s really Cute as a Button, see for yourself:

With the recent rag doll revolution thanks to Lalaloopsy and her gang of button-eyed pals this “Sew Cute” theme has been all the rage and we’re happy to finally have party decor that can compliment your next Lalaloopsy event and/or stand pretty adorably all on it’s own as a “Cute as a Button” theme.

We’ve been on a small hiatus with the blog as we prepare to get even more new themes in our shop and offer our lovely customers a little bit of everything when it comes to party themes.  Thanks for sticking with us as we get back on track.  This week we are giving away a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop and all you have to do is leave a comment on any post this week and you’re in.  Good luck!

mad scientist party ideas copy

After having some technical difficulties on the blog last week we seem to be up and running again (fingers crossed).  Our final round up of the week’s theme typically gets posted on Friday but we had to sneak it in first thing this morning (Monday) instead.  Enjoy:

scientist party idea

 1. Banner, 2. diy floam, gak, play-doh, 3. straws, 4. petri dish jell-o, 5.goggles, 6. home science experiments, 7.  balloons, 8.  glow sticks, 9.goggles, 10. cookies, 11. Door sign, 12. snack cups, 13. rock candy, 14.lab coats, 15. slime baskets, 16. pop rocks, 17.test tubes, 18.  cookie cutter, 19.elephant toothpaste, 20. crazy straws, 21. party bags, 22. flask image, 23.  cupcake liners, 24.Pin the goggles on the scientist

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