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All good things must come to an end and thus we’re faced with bringing Watermelon Party Week to a close once again.  Hopefully we’ve left you with plenty of ideas to inspire your next watermelon event! lemonade, hat, 3.DIY watermelon jam, 4.Dress, 5.centerpiece sticks, 6.punch bowl, 7.watermelon popsicles, 8.hay bail image, 9.wagon, 10.galvanized bucket image, 11.cookies, 12.chalkboard, 13.watermelon cake, 14.pitcher vase image, 15. scones image,  16.burlap sack races


The beauty of having a picnic to accompany the watermelon party is you can use activities you’re probably very familiar with, but your kids and their friends may have never even played before!

1. burlap sack race, 2. bean bag toss game, 3.bean bag image, 4. three legged race image, 5. Burlap sack, 6. wheel barrow race image

Outdoor games will keep kids busy and adults thoroughly entertained.  And don’t forget about incorporating the watermelon into the games:

1. watermelon roll image, 2. eating contest image, 3. seed spitting image

Roll, Eat, Spit!

Aka Roll the watermelon in a watermelon race, Eat the watermelon in a watermelon eating contest and Spit the seeds in a seed spitting contest.  I mean how often do we really ask that our kids spit!?  They’ll love it.

For the favors these mini picnic baskets adorned with “thanks for coming to my birthday picnic!” tags (care of PartyOnPurpose of course) are totally fitting.  Or you could skip the usual “treats in a bag” type favor and send your guests home with a jar of watermelon jam.

1. watermelon jam image, 2.  mini picnic baskets, 3. watermelon candy

So much fun to be had and so little time and most importantly so little money that needs to be spent!  Most of these games can be done with very little funds which shows just how far being silly and surrounded by the people you care about most really make your party and the rest is just extra details you can choose to worry about or choose NOT to worry about.


*** Parts of this post were pulled from last year’s “Watermelon Party Week” in August 2012

Fresh watermelon slices is the easy food/decor option for a watermelon party:

1. watermelon on a stick, 2. watermelon balls, 3. fresh watermelon

On a stick, in a ball or the traditional triangle!  But what else?

We thought we’d roll with a picnic theme meaning each child picks a little sack lunch out of a giant picnic basket and grabs a blanket to go find a spot on the grass to sit and enjoy!

 1.watermelon picnic basket, 2. burlap bags, 3. sandwich image, 4. crackers image, 5. picnic watermelon slices, 6. juice image

1. galvanized bucket image, 2. blankets image

Simply roll the blankets up and place them in a galvanized bucket or cool basket with a little “take one” sign (customized by yours truly).

Pure delight.

Popsicleswatermelon pops, cupcakes and cookies round out our meal and curb that sweet tooth:

1. watermelon pops, 2. cupcakes, 3. cookies, 4. Popsicles

And there’s plenty of room to get creative with your drinks as well:

1. punch bowl, 2. mason jars, 3.  watermelon martini

How cute are those little mason jars?!  So simple, and amazing what a small shred of coordinating fabric can do!  Whether you’re going alcoholic like this watermelon martini or non alcoholic there’s great options to choose from.

decor roundup

*** Parts of this post were pulled from last year’s “Watermelon Party Week” in August 2012

Last year during Watermelon Party Week we featured a little sneak peek of our Watermelon Party Decor here.  This year we’re ready to show a full set of party decor off!

Adorable right!?  We love the idea of a Watermelon Party backyard picnic (or find a local park) and some additional decor ideas include:

Chalkboards!!   The above chalkboard is actually a reclaimed headboard – seriously folks you can turn nearly any surface into a chalk board with a little chalkboard paint.

Keep the chalkboard theme moving throughout the party with signs for the food table, favors and games:

 1. green chalkboard, 2. chalkboard menu, 3. chalkboard, 4. chalkboard signs

It’s Chalkboard Mania!!  Oh and ps, each of these chalkboards is also available on Etsy (minus our photo-shopped text).

We also love, love, love the idea of tons of fresh flowers in vintage cans.  Again, each of the below cans be found on Etsy, or get creative and hit up your local thrift stores… who knows what you might find:

1. flower cans, 2. milk jug,  3. V8 cans, 4. watering can 5. floral canisters

red wagon is the perfect home for for iced water bottles (wrapped in POP water bottle labels to coordinate!), vintage Coca Cola bottles or any other watermelon drinks.  We like to picture this wagon parked at the end of a long red gingham covered picnic table, perhaps with a little chalkboard sign saying “take one”??? See how I just brought this post full circle?!

 1. picnic table image, 2. coke image, 3. wagon image, 4. chalkboard signs

And if you’re wondering how our darling banners, cupcake toppers, signs and party hats play into this whole deal… see below:

1. picnic table cloth image,  2. wagon image, 3. coke image, 4. chalkboard signs, 5. milk jug, 6. watermelon hat, 7. watermelon centerpiece stick, 8.flower cans,  9. chalkboard, 10. centerpiece sticks, 11. watermelon hat, 12.chalkboard menu , 13. chalkboard signs, 14. V8 cans, 15. watering can, 16. picnic table cloth


Tomorrow we’ll be tying all of this adorable decor right in with the food and drink ideas to complete the perfect watermelon picnic, don’t miss it!



*** Parts of this post were pulled from last year’s “Watermelon Party Week” in August 2012

I’m sorry but our Watermelon Party Decor is dang cute.

This week not only will we be talking about how dang stinkin, freakin cute our Watermelon Party is, but we’ll also give you simple ways to take such a simple theme (watermelon) and expand it across an entire party.  Think country picnic and you’re on the right track:

1. watermelon jam image, 2. watermelon picnic basket, 3. fresh watermelon

Surely I don’t want to give too much away, but you’re catching my drift…

Did I say stinkin and freakin cute?


Stay tuned for more stinkin freakin watermelon cuteness all week!


Yesterday marked the official start of summer and we hope this week’s Beach Ball theme has adequately prepared you for any upcoming summer festivities!  What an awesome way to celebrate a summer birthday than to play up all the token parts of fun in the sun with a Beach Ball Party.  Check out our collage below for a bunch of ideas and links that will lead you to even more details!

1.Fabric,  2.Beach Ball Party Hat, 3.Sno Cone, 4.Personalized beach pails, 5.Beach Ball Chandeliers, 6.Beach Ball Door Sign, 7. Swedish Fish, 8.Fruity Beach Ball Dessert, 9.Izze orange soda, 10.beach ball lantern, 11.Beach Ball Cookies, 12.Pool Party Games,  13.12 month photo banner, 14.take one sign, 15.watermelon fruit basket, 16.Birthday Banner, 17.Polkadot balloons, cream cones, 19.water guns, 20.candy, 21.Izze collage image


sprinkler-collage-1024x341 copy

*** Parts of this post were pulled from last year’s “Beach Ball Party week” in August 2012

The perfect activities for the Beach Ball Party of course involve getting wet:

And the perfect favors for the Beach Ball Party of course assist in getting wet:

So all we are really doing in today’s post is telling you some cool ways to get wet and or assist in getting wet.  Pretty simple folks.

1.  beach ball sprinkler image, 2. beach ball pool image, 3. slip and slide image

Get out the sprinklerkiddie poolslip ‘n slide and anything else that houses water and make your back yard a water park!  You can pile the kiddie pool with beach balls which will add to the “awe” appeal when your guests step into your water wonderland:

In addition these water balloon ”pinatas” and water balloon races are fun activities for all!

1-3. water balloon races 4. water balloon ”pinatas

During Flip Flop Pool Party Week we talked about using sand buckets as your favor bags and we’re suggesting you do that again for the beach ball party favors.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!  Fill your bucket with goldfish crackersgoggleswater gunspool sticks, and swedish fish.

1. bucket, 2. water guns, 3. goggles, 4. goldfish crackers, 5. pool sticks, 6. swedish fish.

Bada-bing bada-boom ya know what Im saying!?  Those kids will be soaked and thrilled about it and you know your bday boy or girl is gonna have a blast.

If you’re thinking this party is right up your alley and/or any other party in our shop be sure to leave a comment on our blog this week in order to be entered to win a free digital “you print” invite!  We’ll draw the winner tomorrow as well as share our Beach Ball Party inspiration board.  You won’t want to miss it!


Credit where credit is due:
beach ball sprinklerkid image 1kid image 2


*** Parts of this post were pulled from last year’s “Beach Ball Party Week” in August 2012

Have we mentioned that the beach ball party is one of our top sellers during the summer?  If you’ve been following along all week, I’m pretty sure we’ve mentioned it every day so far!  This beach ball party in basic primary colors might take the cake for our most popular beach ball theme to date:

Whether you’re going with primary or pastel, we think this food spread featured last year on our blog is perfect for a party that’s sure to get wet:

All that splishing and splashing at the beach ball party is bound to wear out even the toughest tike.  Let’s heat up the grill and get this food menu going!

We envision a delightful burger bar complete with all the fixin’s.  A safe bet with something like this is WHITE (as shown in the photo).  White plates, white bowls, white serving dishes etc. make the table feel cohesive to the naked eye, but meanwhile, for all we know this could be a mash up of tableware.  Keeping it white is safe, clean and allows the food to shine.

1. burger dinner image, 2. corn on the cob, 3. burger image

And how about some fruit, veggies, sand buckets filled with crackers/chips and a couple of sweets on the side?

1. fruit 2. candy slice image, 3. beach ball cake pops, 4. hunting for the source here, please let us know in the comments if you know who it belongs to!

For drinks we spotted these beach ball water bottles and fell in love!  How awesome would it be to have a few pitchers of drinks to choose from and kiddos can keep there water bottles filled to the brim all afternoon long?  In addition these scuba sprites are pretty darn darling:

1. water bottles, 2. pitchers, 3. sprite image

Get your burger buns back here tomorrow when we’ll be discussing favors, decor and activities for the Beach Ball Party and be sure to leave a comment on this here post in order to be entered into our giveaway.  What are we giving away you ask?  A free digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop we answer!



We have a couple beach ball parties available in shop, but we recently put a spin on an old fave that we thought was SO cute it deserved it’s own feature on the blog.  Checkout the before here:

Easily one of our top sellers during the summer months for girl beach-y parties.  Now checkout the after:

Just a hint of blue and it actually changes things up quite a bit, right!  We love incorporating the “water element” that the blue adds since afterall, odds are that most beach ball parties will be in the presence of either a pool or an ocean.  Here’s more to get your mouth watering:

If you’re feeling like this might just be the party for you, now’s a good time to leave a comment on this here blog!  Each and every comment each week puts you in the running for a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop.

Come on back tomorrow when we’ll be talking about beach ball party food and drink ideas.



beach balls2

We highlighted one of our beach ball party’s last year around this time and we’re bringing beach balls back for another look this week.  The beach ball party is probably our top “summer party” seller, which is why we’ve got quite a few beach ball inspired designs to choose from:


We’re also excited to be announcing a new beach ball party now in shop!  Hop back here tomorrow to check it out.  Beach balls galore people!!  Per usual, we’re giving away a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop and all you have to do is a leave a comment on any post this week to enter to win.  Stick around all week for more beach ball action and awesome inspiration for any pool/beach party you might be hosting this summer season.