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snowgirl party ideas

Snowgirl Party Week + Snowman Party Week = All the snow person fun you can cram into one single party! We’ve had so much fun really digging into this theme and coming up with unique ideas we’re even excited to try with our own kids for the occasional after school activity around the holidays!

Congrats to this week’s printable invite winner Lina Correa!!  We’ll drop you a line shortly to start the process of claiming your prize.  Next week will stay cool around here, with more winter party themes and we hope you’ll come by to check it out!!

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We’re taking notes this week with our Snowgirl Activity Ideas because some of these would be so much fun for an after-school activity with the kiddos.  So festive!  Question… can you take notes on your own blog post, or would said blog post just be said notes??  I digress…

These snowgal/snowman ornaments are easy and do one of our favorite things… they double as a party favors!  BOO YA!

If you’re into the more “active” activities we spotted this indoor snowball fight tutorial that made us smile.  Oh the joys of having nothing destroyable inside the home.  It may be worth a shot if you can clear out a space and let the little ones get away with a little mischievous indoor behavior for the party’s sake!

A couple additional fun Snowgirl Party crafts require a cereal box, flowerpot, paper, paint and your imagination:

For favors of course we love those crafty activities you can send the children home with, but these  tic tac “snowman kisses” are a guaranteed hit!

And should you have some extra time and energy these “snowman in a jar” favors are about as darn cute as it gets!

Tomorrow we’ll be posting this week’s inspiration board along with the winner of our custom digital invite good for any party in our shop!  We hope you’ll enter to win by leaving a comment on any post this week and come back tomorrow to see if it’s your lucky day!

Credit Where Credit is Due:
five finger snowman ornamentsnowgirl xmas cards


We chatted all about these delightful snowman party foods during Snowman Party Week and they’re worth noting again since a couple pink twists take them from snowman to snowgal in a jiffy!

Some additional snowgirl party food and drink ideas we’re loving this week include this super snowgirl sandwich and soup combo:

Great with pb & J or grilled cheese, let your guests take their pick.  How cute to personalize the little scarf with your guest’s names!

Sweet tooth’s beware, we’ve got cake, cookies, cupcakes and more that go smashingly with the Snowgirl Party theme:

And for drinks, these snowgirl milk bottles are too fitting to pass up:

We’ll be bringing you favor and activity ideas for the Snowgirl Party next week, all of which are fun enough to use for any Christmas Party or just an after school Holiday activity!

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Credit Where Credit is Due:
snowman cupcakessugar cookies, , snowman cake

snowgirl party3

Our winter party themes have been really popular this year and our #5 Snowgirl is no exception:

Isn’t she sweet?!  We’re please to have finally listed this adorable party in our shop!

Keep in mind we can customize ANY party to fit your party’s specific needs.  Have a look at our shop menu to see all of the products we can create to match the Snowgirl Party Theme.

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This past Halloween we released our first, ready to ship, holiday banner:

Thanksgiving followed with more festive banner fun:

And Christmas is NOW IN SHOP

These festive little lovelies are perfect for the mantle, Christmas parties, or even to brighten up the headboard in your little one’s bedroom.  If you buy one please be sure to send us a picture so we can share it with our readers.

Each letter card measures 3.5x5in and each of these banners are ready to ship.  Order today and we ship the next business day!  Have a look at our Christmas Banner listing now in our Etsy Shop if you’d like to order.  What a darling idea for a Christmas Party Hostess Gift (hint hint)!

pink snowman

We’ve celebrated our Snowman Party already and now it’s time to give the lady of snow a little love as well. Welcome to Snowgirl Party Week!

 Similar to Snowman Party Week we’ll be bringing on the party fun with tons of Snow-filled ideas to work with, only this time there will be a sweet pink/purple twist on most of our suggestions.

It’s worth noting that a lot of our Snowman Party Ideas can be tweaked to work with the Snowgirl theme so be sure to bop back in our archives and check out the posts we did for the Snowman Party as well.  Between these two weeks we’re pretty confident you’re well covered for the perfect Snow Person Celebration!

Keep in mind you’re just a comment away (on any post this week) from being entered to win a digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop!  That’s a $15 value!!