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Dump Truck Party Ideas

Dump Truck Party Week has been a long haul and whether your adult guests are loading up on hot dog toppings or your little guests are loading their sand buckets with pinata candy we think all of your guests are gonna have loads of fun!

Next week we’ll take a turn towards Catapillar town with a bunch of really unique party ideas for your little bug lover.  Stay tuned for that and without further adeui we want to congratulate Heidi!!  You just won yourself a free printable invitation good for any party in our shop!  Drop us a line on Etsy to claim your prize!

Where to Find It:

Food: We love love love the idea of pairing a hot dog bar/buffet with the dump truck party theme. “Pile on the toppings” people!!  It’s a perfect match!
Drink: A bucket filled with soda, chocolate milk and juice is a quick and simple way to keep drinks cool and looking cute.
Decor: These polka dot balloons are so cute when paired with all of our custom decor including banners, favor tags, water bottle wraps and more!
Favors: our favor tags never looked so good when neatly tied to the wheel of a dump truck ;) … no need for a goodie bag (or the fuss of picking out a bunch of dollar store junk that’s gonna get tossed).  Pile these trucks in a bucket by the door and guests can grab one on their way out.
Attire: this darling dump truck shirt we spotted on Etsy will please your hard little worker.

Credit where credit is due:

hot dog imagehot dog bar image, balloon images


If your child is into dump trucks this must mean their into filling that back end up and dumping it back out again. So why not make this as easy and accessible as possible?


Create an indoor sandbox (if the weather isn’t working with you) or get a sandbox outside for your guests and your birthday boy/girl to enjoy.  We love the idea from “She Knows” to use beans, buttons, or dried pasta in replacement of sand if you plan on doing the digging inside.

The kiddos can go on a treasure hunt (picture starburst or any other pre-wrapped candy, mixed in with a couple real sized candy bars buried under layers of sand) or just play!

If you are really looking to go ALL out, Anna White has an amazing tutorial for a giant sandbox.  At least you can put a big bow on the sand box and it doubles as a gift, though certainly you lose the “ease” factor when constructing something this involved.

Dump trucks clearly make most think of construction – but if your little boy is anything like the little boys in my life then destruction is way more fun (and way more up their alley) – how about a dump truck pinata!?

Let the little builders get out their aggressions on that puppy just after completing this simple dump truck craft.  We’re a fan of any craft that actually works best with markers – no need to wait on paint drying.  You could even have the trucks constructed before hand and just coloring them could be an activity. (hint hint… they could take their cookie favor home in it, see below!)


Our favor tags never looked so good when neatly tied to the wheel of a dump truck… no need for a goodie bag, or the fuss of picking out a bunch of dollar store junk that’s gonna get tossed.  Pile these dump trucks  in a bucket by the door and guests can grab one on their way out.

You. Are. Welcome.

Or maybe individually wrapped dump truck cookie favors paired with personalized bubble favors are more up your alley?

Plunk these puppies in the egg carton dump trucks and mosey your movers on their merry little way. 

LOADS of ideas to WORK with (get it??)…  Dump Truck Party Week comes to a close tomorrow and we’ll be announcing the winner of our printable invite good for any party in our shop.  If you haven’t entered to win yet, all you have to do is a leave a comment on any blog post from this week and you’re in!

hot dog collage

When thinking of the perfect food ideas for the Dump Truck Party we knew we wanted to have something you could “load” toppings onto.  Here’s a couple ideas that came to mind:




but the idea we liked best happens to be the same idea featured in our “Real Party” on Tuesday:

Hot Dogs!

Guests can pile loads of goodies onto each delectable dog with minimal prep needed from chef mom.  We’re loving this tutorial with a bunch of topping ideas:

Bacon, peppers, relish… get creative and you can’t go wrong.

Anything potato-y compliments your dog well so potato chips, potato salad or french fries will do:

For drinks a colorful soda/juice bar will look balanced next to your hot dog bar:

 Or again do like our “Real Party” on Tuesday and fill a bucket with soda, chocolate milk and juice.  It’s a quick and simple way to keep drinks cool and looking cute.

Tomorrow we’re talking favors and activities and there should be plenty to keep your dump truck lovers busy so don’t forget to come check it out.  Enter to win a free digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop by leaving a comment on any post this week.  We’ll draw the winner on Friday!

Where to find it:
rainbow stripe straws, red galvanized bucket

Credit Where Credit is Due:
chips, potato salad


Since September is kind of that transition month between summer weather and fall weather we wanted to focus on highlighting parties you can do inside or out.  Obviously there’s nothing seasonal about dump trucks but we love the bright and bold yellows, reds and blues in this party and think they’ll keep things bright wherever your party destination might be.

 Ashton’s mom was kind enough to send us these pictures (thank you!) and the way she ran with our color scheme was flawless.  You better believe we’ll be talking about this hot dog bar in tomorrow’s “Food and Drink” post:

And this array of colorful straws in a sand bucket pairs nicely with the array of drinks in the giant red galvanized bucket.  Simple and adorable.

Lastly our smash cake topper and bunting look so darn cute with those fondant truck cupcakes and that super sweet felt crown.  Here’s a similar tutorial for the crown: felt crown diy

Haul your load back over here tomorrow where we’ll be elaborating on that hot dog bar and talking cool drink options for the dump truck party.  Also, go ahead and leave a comment on any post this week in order to be entered to win a free printable invitation good for any party in our shop.

dump truck decor

Our dump truck party is one of our most popular “boy” parties.  We are constantly constructing it (no pun intended) and amazed that year after year, boy after boy, is obsessing over dump trucks.  This has us wondering, what happens to the dump truck/construction love affair once these boys become men and this obsession becomes their 9-5??  If only there were pinatas and party bags on the job site:

Alas, we’ll fuel the passion for dump trucks for a couple more years with our super cute party decor:
Stay tuned this week for more dump truck party ideas from sand friendly activities to a hot dog bar.  At the end of the week we’ll be giving away a free printable invite good for any party in our shop and all you have to do is leave a comment on any post this week to be entered!  Good luck!
Sunshine Party Ideas

***Please note this is a re-post from Sept 2012

Please don’t take my sunshine away!!!!  We hate to bring Sunshine Party Week to a close mostly because it’s so darn sunny and cute but also because something about the sun going down on Sunshine Party Week has us feeling like the sun is setting on summer too.  Kids are going back to school, September is here, and all of our customers have stopped ordering beach balls and started ordering penguins!

Let’s bask in the sunshine for a little longer and enjoy Sunshine Party Week for one more day…  And for anyone interested in ordering this party keep in mind that bringing the sunshine to October and November (or any month for that matter) never hurt nobody!

Congrats to Laura (who mentioned that the pulled pork sandwich from Wednesday’s post looks scrumptious!), you’re our winner of the printable invite!  You can convo us any time in our Etsy shop to claim your prize!!  And we hope ya’ll will come on back here next week when we’ll be talking about our Dump Truck Party Ideas.

Where to Find it:
Food: sunshine cake popscookies
Drink: lemonade stand and or lemonade jars
Decor:  yellow and pink  pomsfree sunshine printable, convo us on Etsy to order our decor
Activities: craftbubblesgiant bubblebubble craftbubble wand
Favors: lemonheads, bubbles, yellow candy treats
Attire: dress1pillow case dress patternyellow rompermommy and me shirt set


sunshine attire collage

One word kept coming back to us when thinking up the perfect activity for the Sunshine Party and that word was BUBBLES.  While some may say that’s a lame party activity, we’re gonna go ahead and take this bubble making to the next level:

human bubble, bubble wandsgiant bubble makers, you name it!

with plenty of other fun bubble friendly tools to keep the kiddos busy all afternoon:

Turn your backyard into a regular bubble hub and watch as the kids dive in, seldom coming up for air.

For favors you can do something small and sweet like the mini flower pot lemon head favors we featured in our customer party on Tuesday: 

Or get more elaborate with some more bubble blowing fun:

Lastly, and we had to touch on this, we stumbled upon SO MANY cute and sunny attire options for the Sunshine Party theme that we wanted to spread some linky love and direct you guys to some of our faves:

(see below for links)

Tomorrow we’ll draw the winner of our giveaway for a free printable inviation good for any party in our shop so stay tuned for that and if you haven’t entered to win yet, simply leave a comment and you’re in!

Where to Find It:
flower wrapped bubbles, diy bubbles, yellow bubbles, yellow and grey dresspillow case dress patternyellow rompermommy and me shirt set

sun sweets collage

We’re always looking for ways to make the food production of a party as easy as possible.  These pulled pork sandwiches are no exception and PartyOnPurpose co-founders Julie and Amy have both had them at separate parties just this year for this very reason.  Easy Peasy Mac n Cheesey folks.  Cook the meat in the crock pot over night and set it out in a “serve yourself” sort of way so it can stay warm throughout the whole party.

On the side we like how these fruity salads bring in the yellows and oranges from the party decor but also compliment the salty/sweet sandwiches perfectly.

Throw together a sweets table complete with sunshine cookies, our adorable cupcake toppers, lemon heads, lemon cookies and anything else yellow you can get your hands on and your menu will be sunny, sweet, and satisfying!

As featured in our customer party yesterday lemonade makes for an easy, yellow drink that guests young and old can enjoy or you can spike things up a notch with this white sangria.  Just be sure to clearly mark which one is which, we wouldn’t want any of your guests (especially the young ones) to get confused!:

Tomorrow we’ll be chatting about favors and activities for the sunshine party and you better believe we’re keeping things light, bright and airy… I can just FEEEEEEL your curiosity rising!  Stay tuned!!  Oh and be sure to get entered to win a free digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop by commenting on this post or any post this week.  We’ll draw the winner Friday.

Where to find it:

fresh orange saladfruit saladcake popslemon cookiessangriasunshine cookies

charley cake

We admit it…  we’re partial to the sunshine party.

  • Maybe it’s because we all have seasonal affective disorder thanks to the Seattle rain.
  • Maybe it’s because little Charley’s blue eyes are to die for and could make a dog poop party look cute.
  • Or maybe it’s because Charley’s mom (also know as Mrs. Newly of the ever-so-witty Not So Newly) happens to be one of our very best friends, so getting the opportunity to help decorate this little sweetheart’s birthday was especially special.

Either way, we’re partial.  Keep reading and we think you’ll agree.

Of course we had to kick things off with a super sunny invitation:

And once you pair our decor with tiny Charley’s sweet face you get pure birthday magic:

Loving the fresh flowers and the mini flower pots filled with lemon heads for party favors…

Gonna have to sneak in one more shot of the birthday girl for good measure… did we mention her killer blue eyes?

Having one of the most crazy beautiful families on the planet (inside and out) doesn’t make our decor look too shabby either.

Thanks for sharing Charley and Family, we love you!!

If you haven’t yet, leave a comment on any post this week in order to be entered to win a free printable invite good for any party in our shop!  Tomorrow we’re taking the sun and shedding it upon your food and drink choices for Sunshine Party Week, stay tuned!


hat sun

As much as we hate to admit it, Seattle is a particularly dreary city.  While it seems like the rest of the world is feeling like this:

and this:

for much of the year.  In Seattle we often feel like this:

And then comes something like the sunshine party:

that has us feeling like this:

Maybe if the sun isn’t physically “out” it can be emotionally out each time we get to craft this party for another customer.  We hope you enjoy our Sunshine Party Week as much as we will and although Labor Day Weekend is upon us marking the unofficial end of summer, let’s enjoy the sunshine for at least a week longer.  We’ve got a beautiful customer party to feature tomorrow and lots of food, drink, activity and favor ideas on the way to make your sunshine party a hit.

Enter to win a printable invitation good for any party in our shop by leaving a comment on this post or any post this week.  We’ll draw the winner on Friday.

Credit Where Credit is Due:
image1, image 2,  image 3, image 4, image 5