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Beach Ball Pool Party Ideas

A wise man by the name of Will Smith once said “Summer Summer Summer  Time… time to sit back and unwind”…

and we couldn’t agree more!

What an awesome way to celebrate a summer birthday than to play up all the token parts of fun in the sun with a Beach Ball Party.  Check out our collage below for a bunch of ideas and links that will lead you to even more details!

Congrats to the winner of this week’s giveaway – MEG!  We’ll drop you a line to chat about what party you had in mind and start customizing your digital invitation for you soon, thanks so much for participating!  Next week we’re getting wild about watermelon and we hope ya’ll will come enjoy our week long picnic.   Stay tuned…

Where to find it:
Food: Beach Ball CookiesFruity Beach Ball Dessertwatermelon fruit baskethomemade snow cones and even a little ice cream stand will keep the youngsters full while keeping the party looking streamlined.
Drink: Izze orange soda and Jones Soda are two of our faves when it comes to incorporating our theme’s colors into the drink presentation.  Remember there’s nearly always opportunity to incorporate your beverages as complimentary decor.
Decor: our Etsy shop has all Party On Purpose Beach Ball Party Decor you might need with regard to cupcake toppers, hats, banners etc.  In addition we think this beach ball lantern will take any pool party from afternoon to evening and the adorable beach ball chandelier pictured  is as simple as tying a few beach balls together and hanging them from the ceiling.  Really anchors the space.
Favors: Personalized beach pails filled with everything from squirt guns to goggles to beach towels OH MY!
Activity: Real Simple magazine featured these Pool Party Games that require very little work to set up and take down… our kind of party.
Attire: That little “1″ onesie is adorable and I’m kicking myself for not saving the link!!  If it’s your onesie please leave the link to it in the comments and we’ll be sure to link it up.  My bad.

Credit where credit is due:
Izze collage imageSno Cone, Will Smith image 


The perfect activities for the Beach Ball Party of course involve getting wet:

And the perfect favors for the Beach Ball Party of course assist in getting wet:

 So all we are really doing in today’s post is telling you some cool ways to get wet and or assist in getting wet.  Pretty simple folks.


Get out the sprinkler, kiddie pool, slip ‘n slide and anything else that houses water and make your back yard a water park!  You can pile the kiddie pool with beach balls which will add to the “awe” appeal when your guests step into your waterwonderland:

In addition these water balloon ”pinatas” and water balloon races are fun activities for all!


During Flip Flop Pool Week we talked about using sand buckets as your favor bags and we’re suggesting you do that again for the beach ball party favors.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!  Fill your bucket with goldfish crackersgoggleswater gunspool sticks, and swedish fish.

Bada-bing bada-boom ya know what Im saying!?  Those kids will be soaked and thrilled about it and you know your bday boy or girl is gonna have a blast.

If you’re thinking this party is right up your alley and/or any other party in our shop be sure to leave a comment on our blog this week in order to be entered to win a free digital “you print” invite!  We’ll draw the winner tomorrow as well as share our Beach Ball Party inspiration board.  You won’t want to miss it!

Credit where credit is due:

beach ball sprinklerbeach ball sprinkler imageslip and slide image, beach ball pool image, kid image 1, kid image 2

beach ball cake pop

All that splishing and splashing at the beach ball party is bound to wear out even the toughest tike.  Let’s heat up the grill and get this food menu going!

We envision a delightful burger bar complete with all the fixins.  A safe bet with something like this is WHITE.  White plates, white bowls, white serving dishes etc. make the table feel cohesive to the naked eye, but meanwhile, for all we know this could be a mash up of tableware.  Keeping it white is safe, clean and allows the food to shine.

And how about some fruit, veggies, sand buckets filled with crackers/chips and a couple of sweets on the side?

For drinks we spotted these beach ball water bottles and fell in love!  How awesome would it be to have a few pitchers of drinks to choose from and kiddos can keep there water bottles filled to the brim all afternoon long?  In addition these scuba sprites are pretty darn darling:

Delicious, somewhat nutritious, most importantly FUN!

Get your burger buns back here tomorrow when we’ll be discussing favors, decor and activities for the Beach Ball Party and be sure to leave a comment on this here post in order to be entered into our giveaway.  What are we giving away you ask?  A free digital “you print” invite good for any party in our shop we answer!

credit where credit is due:
burger imageburger dinner imagewater bottlescorn on the cob, sprite image, candy slice image, beach ball cake pops


This Week’s customer party comes to us from Adiel Emir’s mom who used our Beach Ball decor at her son’s 3rd birthday party at… of all places… a beach!  That’s one heck of a backdrop!:

The great thing about having a party like this right there at the beach is other than the planning involved with getting everything from home to your destination, once you set yourself up, your guests are pretty good to go!  Make sure the invites encourage swimsuits, hand the kiddos a sand bucket, and leave them to their own devices!

 Even better, the mess gets left in the beach trash cans and you come home to a clean, dry home!  I’m sure the thought of this put a smile on Adiel Emir’s family’s faces!

If you are loving that cake, here’s a link to something similar and if you’re loving our decor you can nab your own beach ball bday decor here!  You. Are. Welcome.  And don’t forget, all you have to do is leave a comment on any post this week in order to be entered to win a digital “you print” invite to any party in our shop!  We’ll announce the winner on Friday.  Good luck!

Beach Ball Cookie Recipe, Pool Party Food 2

Back in early July we celebrated Flip Flop Pool Party Week and this week we are taking a primary spin on that pink dominated party with the Beach Ball Party.  Same idea but a slew of awesome new things to talk about!  Funny how just a tiny twist can change the entire story…

You’ve seen many a beach ball on the beach.  But what about:

In your mailbox

hanging from the ceiling:

or eady to eat?:

That’s what’s in store this week!  Also, we’re giving away a free digital “you print” invite to any party in our shop and all you have to do is leave a comment on this post (or any post this week) and you are entered to win.

Get back here tomorrow for our customer party featuring our beach ball decor.


Credit where credit is due:

Anyone know where that beach ball chandelier image originated?  We can’t find a link that works (other than pinterest) so let  us know and we’ll link it up!

jungle party ideas
We’re sad to see Jungle Party Week come to a close because it’s such an awesome twist on something your kids LOVE brought to life in such an adult/calm/soothing way.  Something about these colors just make us want to lounge out back with a nice spritzer.  And I’m not 100% sure what a spritzer is.

We think we pretty well covered the gambit with the above inspiration board but if you think we forgot something please let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to pin it onto our pinterest board.  Lastly, congrats to Jamie you’re the winner of our giveaway this week and the new proud owner of a digital “you print” invitation for any party in our shop.  HOORAY!  We’ll connect with you later today.

Next week we’ll be chatting about all things beach ball and we sure hope you’ll join us!

Where To Find It:

Food: These cookies from Etsy could double as party favors and Amy made the lion cupcakes for her son a couple years ago and can vouch for their adorablness…  carmel corn makes a great lion’s mane.  And how cute are the little melon bowls we pictured?  You’ll have to pick yourself up a melon baller to achieve this look or chop your melon up and throw em on kabobs.
Drink: melon rumballa for your adult guests and lemonade in mason jars for the little ones.
Decor: We spotted these straws on etsy which are so cute they’re basically functional decor when placed in a mason jar.  All of the cupcake toppers, banners, and tags can be found in our etsy shop.
Activity: The kiddos will have a blast both making and wearing these safari masks!  Check out the mask DIY and free printable.
Favors: These diy favor bags are adorable!  We love how skippeeahn paired a variety of patterns and fabrics that come together to look cohesive.  Fill these goodie bags with bubbles, home wrapped crayons and cinch em up with our favor tags to appropriately thank guests for attending ;)
Attire: Complete your child’s day with this customized shirt, can’t believe it’s only $24!


melon image, favor bags image 


If your child is a fan of the jungle and all the mysteries it has to offer, then you’re well aware that they are just a backyard away from transforming themselves there.  It’s our hope that these DIY printable masks can assist in that transformation.

Your guests will have fun crafting these up and even more fun wearing them out back!  This craft turns into a game real quick.  Throw an animal twist onto games like “Mother May I?” or “Simon Says” and the kids can be growling like lions, hopping like frogs and swinging from vines like monkeys in no time!  Winner takes home a delicious bunch of bananas:

(and for halloween you may as well pass out raisins) – IM KIDDING ABOUT THE BANANAS, but some kind of jungle treat would work great as the prize:

In addition, we spotted these to die for favor bags that not only look awesome but are so durable!  We love how skippeeahn paired a variety of patterns and fabrics that come together to look cohesive.  Fill these goodie bags with bubbles, home wrapped crayons and cinch em up with our favor tags to appropriately thank guests for attending ;) .

Be sure to check out the favor bags tutorial here.

Speaking of favors, each of your guests deserves to be the king of the jungle right!?  We LOVE these crowns and think they pair nicely with our jungle color scheme.  Here’s a similar tutorial.

And of course an array of tropical candy treats never hurt nobody.  We like to call these our favor bag fillers:

Jungle Boogie your buns back here tomorrow for our inspiration board and to see if you’re the winner of our giveaway.  If you haven’t yet entered to win, all you have to do is leave a comment on any blog post this week.  The winner takes home a free digital “you print” invitation good for any party in our shop!


where to find it:

skittles, starburst, dum dums, gumballs


Your standard fruit and veggie trays will go great (color wise) with our jungle party, or try these single serving versions (double dip freedom for all!):


but what we really wanna talk about is…

This guy!

This snake sandwich recipe looks awesome but to be honest, as soon as I read the word “cornmeal” my brain turned off.  Now if you’re not intimidated by recipes containing cornmeal, please by all means GO FOR IT and send us the pics once you do!  However, I’m thinking you could achieve this same look by toothpicking some olive eyes and red pepper tongues in the ends of foot long subways.


On the sweet side these cupcakes are too cute and the cookies from Etsy could double as party favors when wrapped in our cellophane bags, tied neatly with our thank you tags:

I actually made the lion cupcakes that are pictured for my son a couple years ago and can vouch for their adorableness.  I got SO many compliments on them and guess what!?  I didn’t do any piping!  I simply used a junior mint for a more substantial nose and brown sixlets for the eyes and they looked just as cute without a mouth.

I’ll stop bragging now…  back to jungle friendly food, who knew hollowed out grapefruit made such delicious little melon bowls?  Not only do they coordinate perfectly but they’re a healthier option than say a bowl full of tropical skittles… (though we aren’t hatin on skittles!).

You’ll have to pick yourself up a melon baller to achieve this look or chop your melon up and throw em on kabobs, both equally adorable and edible.

In beverage news, I’m curious… how do ya’ll feel about alcohol at a children’s party?  We’ve heard it’s a “do” and we’ve heard it’s a “don’t” and our professional opinion lands us on the “whatever floats your boat” boat.  If you do “do”,  melon rumballa for your adult guests would be fitting with the jungle theme and the little tikes can have lemonade or orange Izze.

Yums all around.

Have you left a comment on our posts this week yet?  If not, please do so, so we can enter you to win our giveaway for one custom, digital “you print” invitation good for any party in our shop!  And get your jungle boogie’n buns back here tomorrow when we’ll be discussing activities, favors and some more jungle party decor.



Our Jungle Party is like a delightful little scoop of sunshine and if this customer party doesn’t do it justice, I don’t know what will!  Come on in and have a looksee:

A big thanks to Holden’s mom for sending us these photos.  The bright yellows, blues and oranges look awesome and we love how she took cupcake liners and made them into a banner:

simple, cute and effective.

Playing up the oranges and yellows with lemons and oranges inside all of these vases was such an adorable touch as well:

Those look like jungle daisies to me!  Our cutlery, party hats, bunting, and cupcake toppers each add a nice finishing touch:

Couldn’t this just as well be the theme for a boy baby shower!?  Thank you again to Holden’s mama for sharing, it helps keep us motivated to see our products out in the real world and hopefully this motivates our readers that parties like this are “do-able”.  Tomorrow we’ll be talking about food and drink options for the jungle party so come on back for that and be sure to enter our giveaway for a free digital “you print” invitation to any party in our shop by commenting on the blog this week!

sneak peak

Jungle Party Week