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bunting and hat

Oh Pool Party… how I loathed you as an awkward pre-teen/teen/heck who are we kidding…adult, too insecure to step outside in my swimsuit.  But how darling are you now!?  Our brilliant design team has done it again by taking the simple idea of having a pool party and “pink-ing it up” fit for any little one (with a little less inhibition than I ;) )…

And of course it all starts with a darling invitation:

From there we wanted to thank Caroline’s mom for bringing our decor to life and all the amazing inspiration to share with our readers.  We love her use of beach buckets and shovels as food serving trays, (our little signs sit nicely inside).  This is so easy for the kiddos to use and will eliminate any pool soaked palms from digging in and leaving behind soggy snacks.

We can’t help but smile at the button/ribbon embellishments added to the pink and purple flip flops, such a small finishing touch that adds such an impact! CUTE IDEA! And more buckets and shovels for favors have us pondering what other water-friendly finds you might be able to sneak inside…

By the looks of things Caroline had a blast:

Keep in mind that anything you see in pink can easily be customized to blue, purple, yellow, you name it.  Perfect for all of your little mermans and mermaids ;) .  Check out our other pool party options in our shop and keep checking in all week for more great Flip Flop Pool Party Ideas!  Also, this Friday we’ll be giving away a 12 pack of our Flip Flop Pool Party cupcake toppers and all you have to do to enter to win is a leave a comment on our blog.  Please feel free to enter once each day, winners drawn on Friday at 5pm pst.

flip flops

The summer heat is packing a real punch across the globe and it’s our hope that ya’ll are finding a cool place to escape to and if nothing else a pool to jump into.  The Flip Flop Pool Party Week will be our creative spin on your average pool party.  This time we’ll be girly-ing it up a bit and adding an extremely specific focus (flip flops) that allow us to expand on a bunch of awesome ideas.  Tell your husbands to hold onto their speedos, it’s gonna be fun filled and here’s a sneak peak:

Even better, this friday we’ll be drawing the winner of our givewaway for 12 Flip Flop Pool Party cupcake toppers.  What do you have to do to enter you ask?  All you have to do is “like” us on facebook, follow us on twitter, call our mom, dig a huge hole, and give us all of your friend’s email addresses! SIMPLE AS THAT!

All you have to do is leave us a comment on this post and if you want more entries you can leave a comment on every blog post this week for a total of 5 entries. Tell us we’re pretty and you get one extra entry.  We hope you enjoy this week and feel free to share your favorite flip flop pool party ideas so we can pin them (or re-pin them) to our flip flop pool party pinterest board.  BOO YA!


This is the post where I get real up in here.

Find out who you are and do it on purpose.- Dolly Parton

I’ve got the first part down – I know who I am. I’m confident in what I know, and probably more importantly what I don’t yet know (like how to give up carbs). I have strong beliefs and opinions and anyone who knows me can tell you that I’m not afraid to ram them down your throat voice them. I hold my convictions near and dear and strive to let them lead me in what I believe to be the right direction. I’m actively working on the purpose part. So many things go into living intentionally and on purpose – some things, like time management and staying on task, I’m terrible at (I blame a creative brain). Other things, like  being honest about what I want out of this life,  even when getting there might require traveling an unconventional route – I’m great at. When designing birthday parties became my way of paying the bills – you can imagine the doubtful comments and weird empathetic facial expressions that came my way (like the sad-but-cute way you look at a 2 legged puppy with one of those doggie wheelchairs attached to its hind-quarters). I could not have cared less. I knew what I wanted, I knew what I was capable of and I made it my reality. Fan-freaking-tastic right?! Dream achieved, hoist the banner on the ship – Mission Accomplished! Well, not exactly – something is missing. In the spirit of living on purpose, I realized that I wanted my work – my everyday 9-5 (who am I kidding here, my 9-9) – to mean more. I believe the gifts we are given, our talents and strong suits are given with the expectation that we use them to make the world a better place. I may not cure cancer anytime soon, but I can surely brighten your day with a damn fine birthday banner. I want to use my creative talents for my true purpose.

I don’t love birthday parties. THERE. I said it. Well, let me put that in perspective before I put myself out of a job – I don’t love what birthday parties are becoming and there are certain things about this industry that  make me less-than-proud to be a part of it. Yikes right?! That certainly does not fall in line with living on purpose. When I see pictures of some of these celebrations (please understand that I’m not putting all parties in the history of the world under this umbrella) my first thought is not of joyful celebration but of self-doubt. How are the celebrations I help to make (personally and/or professionally) EVER going to amount to that?! How am I going to afford sending all 10 girls home with their very own $100 tutu outfit and keys to a monogramed Ferrari? I’m not, most of you aren’t, and that’s ok. I’m (and I’m speaking for a team whom you’ll soon have the pleasure of meeting) attempting to take the self-doubt OUT of birthday parties and put the real meaning back IN.

Birthdays are so special.  It’s the one day of the year that we take the time out to celebrate each other.  “Happy Birthday” really means “You were born and I for one, am so happy about that. I want to celebrate your existence”. Think about what being reminded of that year after year really does for a person. To know that you’re loved, that your life matters and that every single year you deserve to be celebrated – just because you’re you – is incredible.  Once I stopped seeing the negative and looking at birthday parties as status symbols and started seeing them for what they really are, I found the purpose in my work I’d been searching for. And lucky for me, I also found the two people I needed to pull this off. Great dreams need great teams.

I’d like to introduce two people whose paths in life were also leading them to a place where they wanted more. They are two people I knew who could handle the pressure and stress of a growing business.They are the two people whose individual talents and personalities fit perfectly in the scope of what I imagined this company becoming. They are the two people I knew I could trust with my company and my vision. They are the two people I knew would bring fresh eyes and new ideas to the table that would take this to the next level. They are two of my best friends, going on something like 18 years,  their names are Amy and Julie and together, we call  our new company Party On Purpose. Same great parties, new heartfelt mission.

(Party On Purpose Founders in the 8th Grade)
We believe that every child deserves to be celebrated. We also know that life happens and that sometimes situations present themselves that financially prevent those celebrations from taking place. That’s why a portion of every single party we sell goes toward the Party On Purpose Project – or POP Project. Along with donating POP Party Packs to our local food bank (more on that soon!) we are committing to providing at least one party for a family who otherwise can’t afford it, each month. Anyone can nominate a birthday kid, we even have a form to make it easy on you.This is our way of paying it forward – or as I like to say partying it forward.
Is this a charity? Are we a non-profit? No. This is a business that  continues to support  us and our families in a very real, bring-home-some- bacon kind of way. Was there a fear that we could be seen as doing this for all the wrong reasons? Sure. Is there a fear that nobody will come? Yes. But we know our hearts are in a good place, and we also know that  our time and talents will be used in whatever way they are meant to be used. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. (That quote is for Amy, she’s really sporty like that)I can say now with certainty that my career, this little job I’ve carved out for myself in the birthday party world has purpose and it feels great. I’m so excited to share my new journey with all of you and to take this new and improved company to the next level. I’m so excited for you to get to know Amy and Julie. I am so very thankful to everyone who entrusted me with a little part of their celebrations over the years. Your confidence in my ability to provide you with a high quality and beautiful product has literally turned my dream into reality. I would encourage everyone to think big and go after what they really want in life. Don’t just make a living, make a life. Live with purpose, live on purpose and of course – Party On Purpose.